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Wessel E.

"Sam really wanted me to do well, and that helped a lot. We made really good progress towards my goal, I wanted to have a good framework to do approaches. Now I know what to do, how to do it, and I take action. I'm planning dates and getting numbers easily!"


"I cannot stress enough how invaluable Sam's instruction at Fluid Social has been in transforming my dating life. With his expert guidance, I've gained the skills to attract girls and exude genuine confidence. Sam's personalized approach, supportive teaching style, and dedication to his students make him an exceptional instructor. If you're looking to enhance your dating abilities and become a more confident individual, Sam is the perfect mentor to help you achieve your goals."

James Shrimp

"I highly recommend Sam from Fluid Social as an exceptional instructor in the field of dating and confidence-building. His expertise, engaging teaching style, and personalized approach make his sessions incredibly valuable. Thanks to Sam's guidance, I have experienced a remarkable transformation in my dating life and overall self-confidence. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from him if you're looking to improve your social skills and attract girls with authenticity."


Sam is no ordinary dating coach. He goes into depth on all the areas of life that a man needs to have under control to then apply it to your social life. I was in a situation where I had been in a relationship for 4 years and realized that I had lost the ability to approach women and show my interest. I felt that my attraction to women was somehow wrong, that I was disgusting as a man for having a sexual interest, and that I was supposed to be "a nice guy." Sam helped me through the process, pushed me to take action, explained why things had happened, and gave me the confidence to become the man I am today.


"Sam's ability to break down complex concepts into actionable steps and his unwavering support throughout the learning process have been invaluable. If you're looking to master the art of dating and enhance your self-assurance, Sam is the instructor you need by your side. Prepare to embark on an incredible journey of personal growth under his tutelage."


"I wholeheartedly recommend Sam as an instructor at Fluid Social. If you are looking to enhance your dating skills, boost your confidence, and improve your overall social interactions, Sam is the go-to expert. His knowledge, teaching style, and genuine care for his students make him an exceptional instructor. Prepare to be amazed by the results you will achieve under his guidance."


"Thanks to Sam's teachings, I have experienced a remarkable transformation in my dating life. I now possess the skills and confidence to approach and engage with women naturally. I have witnessed a significant boost in my self-esteem and social interactions beyond dating, which has positively impacted various aspects of my life."


"Fluid Social, under Sam's leadership, creates a safe and inclusive learning environment. Sam fosters a sense of community among students, encouraging us to share our experiences and learn from one another. This collaborative atmosphere allowed me to gain valuable perspectives and grow as an individual."


Sam helped me over the course of a year, and literally took me from completely shy introvert, to being able to talk to the women I liked in basically any environment! First time we went out together, I had never approached a woman in real life, Sam took me to Aqua rooftop bar and we spent the evening with a couple of beautiful girls. He's the best, simple.



Kieran N

Great coach!
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sam. He's really helped me improve my dating life. He genuinely cares and listens to his clients, has a lot of practical advice as well as advice for living a healthy life.


Best coach I've had !!!

I had a few coaches over the years and Sam is by far the best, he easily adapts to the client and made me feel completely at ease. Learning these social skills can be very stressful but with Sam it becomes an enjoyable and confidence boosting experience.

Steve R.

Sam has great knowledge and understanding of social dynamics. He helped me a lot to work towards my objectives by giving useful advice and constructive feedback. I am happy to recommend Fluid Social.


Met Sam in the summer of 2016, what i’ll say differentiate him from other coaches is that he actually relate to you not just as a coach but also as a friend. He’s a guy you can chill and have fun with on a night out. He’s a good listener and he doesn’t just concentrate on technical details of chatting up girls he would also give you advice on style and the way you carry yourself in public. I would definitely recommend getting coaching from Sam.

Ade Oyawoye

One of the few who genuinely wants you to grow.

I’ve worked with Fluid Social a fair bit over the last few months and can definitely see improvement as a direct result of Sam’s advice. I used to think you could get everything you needed online but Sam’s ability to assess what information you need in that moment and give you actionable steps is what made it worth my while.

One of the few people genuinely invested in my own personal development as opposed to others out for a buck 10/10 would recommend.

Ahley Rai

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