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My dating & social network programs transform you into the type of man who can approach the women you like, at any time of day, in any environment. That is my fundamental goal for every one of my clients. I want you to have total confidence in yourself as a man who has what it takes with women.
Beyond this, I believe that success comes from forming clear-sighted goals, creating an ever-evolving plan of action to achieve them, and then executing. It’s that simple. 

When you work with me, we formulate a set of goals that are both ambitious and meaningful to you, and then we create the strategy to achieve them. I provide the highest level of 1-1 coaching, with strategies tailored precisely to you. There is no template.
You will have 24/6 access to me throughout (I take Sundays off), as well as access to my large professional and social network. 

I will speak to you honestly and without a filter, do not mistake directness for rudeness.

Coaching Academy

Coaching Certification.png

If you are interested in becoming a qualified Fluid Social - Level 1 Social Skills & Dating Coach, please mention this in your call booking with me on the 'Fees/Contact' page. So far, Fluid Social has qualified only 3 individuals as coaches, who have passed through our Coaching Academy and shown exceptional skill in the relevant areas, completing:

- 100+ hours of dedicated cold-approach & conversation training 
- 20+ hours of 1-1 infield training with Sam
- 20+ hours working 1-1 coaching with at least 2 individual clients.
- Over 250 cold-approaches completed in total
- Exceptional proficiency in all of the following:

  • Identifying specific obstacles in client communication

  • Offering accurate, nuanced & tailored improvements 

  • Acute social intelligence to adapt to individual client needs on an ongoing basis

If this sounds like you, then mention so in your call booking, or send an email with subject line 'Coaching Academy' to








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